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Musical postproduction services by Elliott S. are available for the following genres and their relatives: Techno, House, Experimental, Acid, Dark, Indus…

Mainly working with Techno, House and experimental projects, he developed - and continue to - specific processing techniques allowing more accurate & astonishing results.
Results made possible by the – well mastered – high quality tools carefully choosen following each situations.

Based in Montreal, Lead Technician at Smart DSP and AD & founder of the french Techno Label TDF Records, Elliott Sebag offers specialized audio services with fast turnaround at affordable rates (including for new and up-coming artists).

Elliott has already mastered multiple Albums, Singles & EPs for several artists, some of which went top charters up to third place on Beatport Top 100 Techno releases and similar rankings. You can browse his credits here.

Affordable high quality mastering with state of art analogue emulations.

What artists says about Elliott's services ?

Amarro - Beatport Tech House & Melodic Techno Top Charter with project processed by Elliott S.

" To sum everything up: He does a really good job! He gave me tips on how to improve at the Mixdown-Stage which helped me quite a lot also for future tracks (I’m a Techno-Guy) but most importantly: His mixdown and mastering is on point and you can clearly tell by the results that this dude knows what he‘s doing. He takes his time to get your track on a new sound-quality level. Fast delivery included with great service. "

Smart DSP Professional mastering services, high quality, fast turnaround.

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From single track Mastering to entire Album postproduction you will find the perfect service for your needs at a competitive price, especially regarding the impressive outcome quality.

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